RELEASED: Kincaid Build 2021.05 (Public Changelog)

Hi everyone! ^w^

I’m excited to present you the new build of Kincaid!

You can grab the build here:

What’s new?

First we have the new lady on the block of course! This mischievous prankster likes to hide in the level. She’s always looking to get a taste of unsuspecting victims. If she catches Kincaid with her tongue, our wolf girl will need more than a towel to dry off!

The kobold army got bigger and stronger! The brave slingshot warriors are joined by spear-wielders, bomb lobbers and three types of flappers: Bombers, divers and landers!

The new enemies have been added to all existing areas.

What’s changed?

We have changed the way energy works. In the past the blaster and the healing ability shared one energy pool. After playing the game like this for a couple months we weren’t happy with how it changed the pace of the game. Because the player was forced to choose between healing and shooting, the player would always prioritize healing. Effectively the blaster was left out of combat and was only used to open doors.

With the change we made, we’re giving the player one blaster shot for each melee attack they manage to land. At the same time the blaster was way reduced in power. We’re hoping that with this change players will use it more deliberately.

As for healing, defeated enemies now drop a new type of energy pellet. If you collect enough they will charge up your heals like you’re used to.

Known Issues

The biggest known issue is the grapple system working poorly with airbound enemies. It has become painfully obvious with the tiger and now we have flying enemies that can grapple. For the next build the whole grappling system is going to get an overhaul!

What’s coming next?

For the next build, I will work on the game over CG while Null fixes all the bugs you guys will probably find. We’ll also be adding a bunch of new sound effects for all the new enemies, interactions and mechanics!

For the mid-term roadmap, my next big project is going to be the main boss of the first area! I’m really looking forward to working on him! ^w^

Grab the build here:

Null and I wish you all a relaxing and fun week end~

Stay safe&sound, Cookie & Null

2021.05 Changelog


  • Gecko enemy (including pixel act animation and gallery entry)
  • Charger Kobold
  • Bomb Lobber Kobold
  • Flapper Kobold
  • Diver Kobold


  • Blaster now gets charged for each melee attack
  • Defeated enemies drop energy pellets used for the healing ability
  • New enemies have been placed in all areas of the world
  • Wolf fight has been made a bit easier to account for the new healing system. The wolf drops healing pellets when he gets attacked during his magic attack phase.
  • Attacking a slingshot pellet throws them back at the enemy now, dealing damage. This also works for bombs of lobbers and flappers!


  • Sometimes jumping off a ladder would play the jump sounds twice
  • Some minor bugfixes

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I bought Kincaid 3 or 4 Months ago with 5$ here on does that mean I cant get the newest version?


How do i get the Last of Scene/Fight?

I can't wait for the   boss   oh plz let it be free I know I said a lot but   I'm just waiting too long    now   plz I don't   have any   money 


will this build be released on


This build is Patreon-exclusive

unfortunate, but I do hope to see the full release!


what do you plan on doing for the main build post drop? like by than the demo will need to be differant as its starting to sound out of date. if you even keep that idea