Weekly Roundup - Week 16 - How many licks *does* it take?

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Hi everyone! ^w^

Sorry about not posting a roundup last week. My last post was on a thursday or friday and until monday there wasn’t really much to report. So I thought I would just skip a couple of days to get back into my old rhythm.

Move coming up!

Our move is finally coming up! We’ve been bringing some boxes over already and on friday we will be bringing over the furniture. Internet has already been setup and tested as well, so there shouldn’t be any major hiccups in our work. I'm soo looking forward to sleeping in our own bed again. These past few weeks we crashed at my parents', sleeping on air mattresses in my old room to escape the nightly noise from our neighbors. 

Lewd Lizard Loops

The lizard lady is coming along nicely! I'm having a lot of fun animating her tongue.

I posted some progress updates on my Twitter this week: https://twitter.com/cookiedraggy/media

Icy Mountain Area

Fabian has finished work on the spooky forest biome and started on the next tileset: An icy mountain. The area is going to be somewhat adjacent to the forest. Null and I did some more thorough planning for the area and I put together a mood board with concepts, descriptions and ideas and then we discussed and kicked-off the project in a call. ^w^

“The Adventures of Kincaid” Comic by Ratcha Update!

Page 13 of the comic by Ratcha has just been released: https://twitter.com/Ratcha_art/status/1386554066763984898

Two very brave kobolds have taken it upon themselves to save Kincaid from her gooey predicament! I’m sure our heroine can think of a good way to repay them! ^w~

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