Weekly Roundup - Week 14 - OFF with her pants!

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It’s already Thursday! I need to get back into my usual rhythm for these! xD

Here we go!

Lizard progress

Most of my time this week was spent on continuing the animation for the lizard act. A good chunk of the main loop for the 69 is blocked in and refinement on frames has started. We also came up with a cute idea for the undressing part of the animation:

She will pull on Kinny’s pants, trying to get them off, until they finally slip off her big butt!

Additionally, I've also spent some time refining the CG sketches I shared last week. I sketched 18 rough ideas initially and we wittled them down to 9 candidates that I am now refining a bit more.

I'm not yet sure if we'll do a poll and which ones will make it into the poll.

Planning the next biomes

The main assets for the forest are almost wrapped up, so I spent a good chunk of this week planning the next projects for Fabian.

We're making mood boards and asset lists for areas surrounding the forest, planning the look and feel of the hub area and working with a concept artist on a design for Kincaid’s ship!

More Sky Scout variations

Here is another idea for a sky scout without a bomb:

That's it for this week!

See you, hopefully, on monday! ^w~


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Seeing 'em lose the wings like that is both a great detail and a great way to not have to make a separate winged kobold sex animation. I can appreciate how that feels both extra and efficient!

How do I download as an update? I don't wanna lose my progress


The progress is saved in a special User directory, so they should carry over to the next update. ^^ Sometimes they break tho, so keep that in mind. It's early access and things sometimes change in a way that breaks progress on other saves unfortunately.


ooh, can't wait