Weekly Roundup - Week 11 - Don't get lost in the dark scary forest!

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Hi everyone!

Last week I worked more on the new lizard enemy! I sketched a bunch of lewd scene ideas and released them as a Sketch pack! You can grab it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/gecko-concept-48916369

I haven’t decided yet if they will be up for a poll or not, since they’re all oral focused (I just have to with that tongue!) so it is either versions of a 69 or just Kincaid getting pleasured by the lizard.

Geckothing Enemy Concepting

We spent some time designing the combat mechanics of the new enemies. We had a couple of different ideas, like a simple “background wall crawler” just skittering up and down and attacking you when you get close, or a stealthy ninja type enemy.

In the end we went with something more trap-like. We’re proooobably going to remove the tiger-bush ambush because testing it in the actual game was not as fun as we imagined it would be in-game. Maybe we use it here and there as a gimmick but overall it didn’t fit the game very well. So that decision opened up a spot for the lizard - let’s see if she does a better job!

Here’s an idea for an “appear” animation I worked on this week. ^^

First walk through the dark scary forest

The new tileset is making great progress and I’m happy to show you the very first in-game footage of a little “diorama” Null has put together!

To make it even moodier, we're going to add thick layers of fog and some darkness and light sources, and.

Announcing Kincaid: The Board Game!?

Well, not quite! ^_~

Kincaid has an upcoming cameo in Hunt and Snare in the form of a board game! You will be able to find 2 NPCs playing a round of Kincaid at night at the Inn~

Check out Hunt and Snare here: https://www.patreon.com/rufflenecks/overview

Until next week!

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Waaaaait... A kinkaid board game looks so fun!


69 scene would be awesome :3


Looks great! Can't wait for the new update :D


When it be free of the new updates sabertooth tiger