Weekly Roundup - Week 08 - Updates on art, sound effects and moving soon!

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Hi everyone! ^w^

Art Update

Last week I wrapped up my "beauty pass" over the old kobold, the very first enemy I designed for the game! The bulk of the week was spent on updating the act animation frames  to the new kobold design and also some work on the new Chameleon enemy.

Tiger Sound Update

The sound effects of the tiger are also still being worked on. The first round of sounds we got didn't quite fit what we had in mind, so now we're working with the audio team to find good approach for his overall sound design first, and then redo the whole set based on what we have.

Turns out making cartoony tiger sounds is a bit harder than we thought!

Here's a video they shared with us from the sound designer who made a lot of the animal sounds for older Disney movies!


General Life Update

Our apartment is more and more into disarray as we prepare for our move some time in March! Things are getting hectic and we're both hoping the move will go smooth. My biggest concern is the ISP messing up the move. Our ISP, Telekom, is notorious for providing a good service overall but almost always messing up when people move. Let's hope for the best! >w<

Warm regards,

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Room tour? Jk!

Good luck to your new apartment!