Kincaid Build 2021.02 - Hotfix now available!

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Null finished plowing through the bug reports that have been coming in and we just updated the download page for the recent build!

If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can grab it here:

2021.02 Hotfix Changelog


  • A short cutscene to help people find the missing friend
  • A sign at the start of the game to guide the player towards the new content


  • 18+ warning now reflects key rebindings
  • Mason dialogue now shifts over to the elevator to better demonstrate how to access the new area
  • Elevators now have a consistent way they are operated (interact button, instead of Up, like doors)
  • Kincaid now remarks on the mini slime running away when she drops it, to make it more clear to the player what is going on
  • When the queen is riding on her favorite dildo, the pillow where it usually lays on, is now empty


  • One of the particle systems did not work
  • Kincaid is able to roll through hazards - now hazards ignore i-frames again
  • Releasing the jump button after using a bouncing platform would cancel the jump
  • Opening/Closing temple doors positioned the sound loop in the wrong spot, making them inaudible
  • Respawn manager did not work properly - downed enemies respawned too early
  • A bug where Kincaid would just slide back and forth when standing on a jumpthru platform and touching another one above it (mainly one spot in the kobold village)
  • 'Naughty Villagers' gallery entry now unlocks with older save files where the player already finished the quest and has talked to the queen
  • Fixed some areas where the player was able to dash/doublejump out of the level bounds and fall into oblivion
  • A bug where Kincaid would be able to push blocks when she was stunned
  • Game crash when getting grappled the exact same frame she hits an enemy
  • Returning to the main menu while the mini slime rides on your head would crash the game
  • Visual bug after defeating the wolf - The fader was on the wrong layer
  • Destroying a wall critter with the blaster would crash the game if you left the room and returned immediately
  • Defeated kobolds that don't respawn would leave orphaned hitboxes behind
  • Tiger grabbing you out of a dash puts the act-object deep into the ground
  • Pressing the Interact button near a sign and a kobold NPC would trigger both interactions, making them overlap
  • Tiger freaking out near ladders if you touched them
  • A small visual issue with KO'ed tiger animation
  • Kobold hunter got stuck on slopes when attacked and pushed upwards
  • Kincaid looking up/down now respects screen-locking combat arenas
  • A bunch of not so nice word repetitions in the CG for the tiger
  • Some more minor word smithing in Interactions and dialogues


Kincaid - Donation-Only Build (Sabertooth Tiger Update) 74 MB
Feb 17, 2021

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