Weekly Roundup - Week 06 - Can't come up with a title uwu

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Hi everyone! ^w^

As you probably guessed, the week was just focused on putting the finishing touches on the build we just released. Lots of playtesting, bug fixing, more testing and more fixing.

(Images of professional bug reports)

So far the build has been one of the most solid ones we put out. Overall, we're really happy with the direction of the level design for the Old City Ruins area! When we do the main jungle overhaul, this is the direction we want to take it.

Thank you for the warm reception of the sabertooth tiger enemy! Null and I are really happy you love him so much! ^w^ Working on the animations of another big enemy was very draining at times, but after all the positive feedback I feel like it was totally worth the effort! Thank you so much! ^w^

Hotfix in the works!

While I prepare my art projects for the next release cycle, Null is going though the bug reports and polishing off a few rough edges so we can put out the hotfix soon.

Aside from some bugfixes we'll also make it more obvious how to get to the new area and some minor quality of life improvements.

If you haven't had a chance to pounce the new build yet, you can do so here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/47425382 

The Lusty Hearts Lewd Bundle!

Kincaid is part of another *massive* bundle of lewd games! Head over to https://itch.io/b/797/the-lusty-hearts-lewd-bundle and have a look. ^w^

And that's a wrap for this roundup! Streaming will start up again soon and I'll be back with details on the roadmap for the next build!

Next Area Update!

Just in time for the roundup we also got another update on the upcoming planet! After this one I will probably keep the area a bit more under wraps as to not spoil all the surprises right away, though. ;3

The general art direction and tone of the area has been decided and Fabian (https://twitter.com/Trick_Siebzehn) is now working on fleshing it out more and more, turning the color sketch into more detailled sprites and tilesets!

Until next week!
Cookie & Null

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Will there possibly be a quest to bring rocks to the sculptor in exchange for a private hammering from them? It feels like it could be a fun puzzle involving the elevator I'd love more lewd scenes featuring Kincaid and the friendly kobolds. 


A scene for that encounter is planned! As well as some other villagers too. ^w^ I just needed a change of pace from only doing kobold lewds~


That's very relatable, and thanks for letting me know.

I would make the Sabretooth pounce deal damage, it's a little odd constantly getting grabbed and being perfectly healthy.


Yeah we might do that. ^^ The tiger combat is going to get another work over


Cool, that'll give me a give me a good excuse to let them pounce on me some more.

For... science purposes that is.

The new planet looks so cool! 0o0 Great work so far! ^-^


Thank you Moxi!!! That means a lot coming from you :D