Kincaid Build 2021.02

Hi Space Adventurer! ^w^

Welcome to this latest installment of Kincaid!

You can grab it from Patreon here:

New Stuff: Head to the village and talk to the mason in the lower left corner. He will give you a quest and you'll be able to access the new area with his elevator. Have fun exploring!

Here's what's new:

  • Sabertooth Tiger as a new enemy type has been added.
  • Stone Mason quest has been added (reward has not been fully implemented yet).
  • Old City ruins are has been added (a total of 21 new rooms).
  • Mini Slime Mini Quest has been added!

Note: Full sound treatment for the tiger will come with a later update as the effects have not been finalized by the time this build has been completed. We will deliver a build with the full sound treatment with the next quality of life update.

And now slip into your boots, put on your gloves and head down into the old city ruins!

Stay safe & sound,
Cookiedraggy & Nullbunny

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We need a android version

its a file 

i been wating the tiger part sooo long please be fre

how long when be free both of theme i don't money plz be free right plz

How long do we have to wait until it's free? If it will be free that is..

The public version is always free, you can download it right now.

Deleted 1 year ago
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Dammit, I want it so bad but I don't have money to spare!
this is so sad


your not alone but its also nice to lie and wait. now now i remember of this game and new pc i have a nice nook for it ^. .^