Weekly Roundup - Week 01 - And the winner is... !

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Hi! ^w^

The first week of the year is already over. I hope you had a good start!

Tiger Poll Winner!

First of all, thank you for everyone who participated in the poll! We had a lot of votes, and a clear winner!

I'm looking forward to illustrating and writing the scene! My head is already spinning with ideas. ^w~

Tiger Progress

I'm in the final stages of making the animation for the sabertooth tiger. I'll do the rest of the work more or less under wraps - the final reveal will be in the game (and the art pack, of course)! ^w~

Started work on the next planet!

Soon we will be leaving the kobold planet - not many big rocks are left there, so I've started preparing work on the first environment for the next planet!

We'll be visiting the home planet of the werewolf!

Here are some of the adventures that will await you:

  • Find your way out of a spooky magical forest.
  • Explore vast caverns filled with giant mushrooms.
  • Uncover the mystery behind strange weather phenomena surrounding a volcano that recently became active again.
  • Partake in ancient spiritual mating rituals.

I'll be working on the next environment with our new pixel artist Trick17 (Give him a follow! ^w^ https://twitter.com/Trick_Siebzehn ) and I'm excited to get started on this next chapter of Kincaid!

(Note to self: Finally come up with names for our planets! -_-~*)

The Plot Thickens

So far the game has been pretty void of an overarching story. But we always had a story for the game in mind - the game just wasn't at a stage where we could reveal it yet. The reason is that we started work in the middle of the game, when things are already in motion. Kincaid arrives at the planet with a clear goal, but just dropping it on the player without context would be very confusing.

This year, as we wrap up work on the first area and more game elements come into play and more of the character cast gets added to the game, the story will play a bigger and bigger role and we'll be drawing back the curtain on that bit by bit.

Finding the right approach and the right timing is honestly going to be difficult. If we introduce just a little bit of the story it will be confusing and seem disjointed. If we include too much story, the game will feel "hanging" as we develop the world around what's coming next.

Finding the right balance is going to be an adventure in and of its own!

Either way, we're very excited to finally introduce more of the cast and show you what the story is about. And we hope you'll like what we have in store for you!

Until next week~

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you are doing very cool, and nice things! thank you for this exelent game! <3


Thank you for playing! :D Glad you are having fun!


take your time! no rush!!