Weekly Roundup - Week 49 - Brave New Pixels!

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Hi everyone!

General News & Upcoming Build Info

Aside from (fruitless) apartment hunting last week, I worked on cleaning up the sprites for the tiger and getting him ready for being imported into GameMaker. Null is putting together the next experimental preview-build which is going to showcase the combat.

With how things are right now, I am not 100% positive I'll get all the lewd stuff for the tiger done by Christmas. I was really hoping to have a juicy new release ready for it, but life threw me a curveball. -_-~*

What would you guys prefer? Get to play against the tiger early and wait for the lewd content, or wait a little bit longer for the whole package?

Maybe my fears aren't even founded and I get it done in time anyway, but I just thought it's better to lower expectations instead of leaving people hoping and wondering! I'll continue to work hard on it either way!

Streaming is also back on schedule, by the way! I'm looking forward to seeing you in the chat!

New Pixel Artist On Board!

I'm also happy to announce that a new pixel artist joined the project! Trick_Siebzehn ( https://twitter.com/Trick_Siebzehn ) is going to help us with environment art. We did a short test project with him, to see how he feels about the project and my style of pixel art and it worked out! Obviously, no artist can replicate a style 100% so there are bound to be some differences, but it won't be a big problem when we start work on the next area, since a majority of the art is going to be from him and thus ensuring even more consistency.

Sprite Sheet in Aseprite

In-Game Art Test

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Until next week!

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I registered my game on the steam wishlist a long time ago, and I always want to play more when I see the game developing! If you don't mind, could you release an early access version and keep it updated?

Hopefully next year! ^^


I'll look forward to it!


Go with the whole tiger package. I'm so used to wait for new updates for long periods of time. I've been playing lots of lewd games with long or short update schedule, but as long as the creators dont stress themselves out, I really don't mind.


Hmm, I'd prefer to wait for the whole package. Otherwise I'll have a hard to waiting, and I enjoy it more if I don't have to make intentional "mistakes" once I've learned the tiger attack patterns.


some times life just throws you a curve ball, just stay safe out there!