Weekly Roundup - Week 48 - Wrapping up combat animations

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Hi everyone!

Made a lot of progress last week! Almost of the normal enemy animations for the tiger have been completed. I have some polishing and cleaning up left to do here and there but overall it is done!

Next week will be a bit slower in terms of art output. I have some boring paper stuff to do, Christmas preparations and trying to find a new apartment for us to stay as our new neighbors made living here unbearable for Null and me. I'll still give it my all, but I might not be able to stream as much.

Thank you for all your support. I'm working hard to get the next enemy done as soon as I can!

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I hope you find a new home to live in. Good thing you moved away from your bad neighbors because I can relate to that very much. They were kind at the start but started showing their true skins later on.

Merry Christmas Cookie and Null!

Thank you!! We won't give up looking :D


Good call on not sticking around with bad neighbors, most of life is social interactions after-all. Hopefully you can still make the most of your time there before you can relocate.