Weekly Roundup - Week 47 - Coloring & Shading!

Hi everyone!

Tiger Progress

Last week I finished the sketches and rough timings for the majority of the tiger animations and started blocking in colors and doing shading.

Really happy with how I managed to show his muscles in his arms. It is still a bit rough of course, because I have to work frame by frame, but I should make more good progress this week!

GMLive & In-Game Editor

One of the biggest downsides of working with GameMaker over something like Unity is that you cannot run the levels from within the editor. GameMaker will always recreate the program and run it from the beginning.

Of course, you can set it up so parts are skipped like menus, etc. so it will go directly into the level. Still, it is a big time sink if you are making small adjustments in a short amount of time.

To help make levels faster in the future, Null has been working on an in-game editor and he implemented a system called GMLive.

With GMLive you can essentially run the game once and if you make changes in the editor and save the project, those changes are updated automatically to the running game. This will help us speed up the creation of levels by a lot!

Null also made a little in-game editor to tweak values, move things around, place enemies quickly for testing, etc.

Together these will come in handy soon when we start to build the jungle level from scratch! ^w^

Wishlist Kincaid on Steam! https://cookiedraggy.github.io/

Until next week,

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this is gunna be AMAZING!

I hope so! ^^