Weekly Roundup - Week 46 - Prowling & Pouncing

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Hi everyone! ^w^

Things are progressing smoothly. I'm really focused on just cranking out the animations for the tiger and the jungle planet's main boss!

Tiger Progress

I made two frames for a pounce attack! We all know big cats love to pounce so it was definitely something I had to include!

We thought it would be funny if the big cat came out of a bush that's way too small to hide his body. x3

Rough sketch of the walking cycle.

Ideas for different melee attack poses! I'll probably go with the one on the bottom as it looks interesting, easily readable and is different from the wolf's anticipation frame.


Hit frame!

Kobold Boss Progress

The boss isn't really my main focus right now, but I worked on it while I was waiting for Null to implement the basic tiger AI so we could test play and make a list of necessary animations for me to work on!

I really went to down sketching out different body types for him. Even tho I am only going to end up using one, it was good practice and I can use the sketches for other enemies down the line!

The uncensored version as well as the other sketches will be included in the sketchpack for the boss!

Until next week!

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Amazing progress, clearly on the right path! I love getting to see this much pixel art :)


Love the new content, Can't wait to see the next update come out soon!Business is boomin'! Kingpin Blank Template - Imgflip


Hahaha cheers!


it hasn't even been that long how are you doing his so fast? I hope you're all getting a good amount of rest and not overworking yourself. please get enough sleep and stay hydrated.


Thank you! I'm happy that things are progressing so smoothly!