Weekly Roundup - Week 45 - Tiger Purrrgress

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Hi everyone! ^w^

Tiger Progress

For the tiger I finished a few poses for the sex animation! The finished sketches and ideas are part of the tiger sketch pack that $10+ patrons can grab here: Sabertooth Tiger Sketchpack 

I also designed some clothes for him!

Some of the clothes are a bit more uh.. revealing. If that is even the correct term for these. o_O;

As always, grab the uncensored version in this week's Sneak Peek. ^w~

Boss Concepting

We're wrapping up work on the jungle in big steps now. A key part that is still missing (aside from the actual story, more enemies, traps an NPC interactions) is the main boss of the area.

We teased at it a lot in the past and it's finally time for the "big bold". ^w^

Here are the old sketches I made back then at the very start of the project. I feel like my style and art developed enough to warrant some new sketches. I look at the old designs for inspiration still, though.

Until next week,
Cookie & Null

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I can't wait to buy the future full version on steam, your progress is incredible, and the game and the concepts are so good