Weekly Roundup - Week 44 - He turns into a tiger when he's ready to eat!

Before we jump into it, here's a song to set the mood for this week's roundup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l435Y12jw4o 

Hi everyone ^w^

Last week I worked on ... DRUM ROLL ...

A New Enemy!?

Yes, it is actually happening! We're leaving the kobolds behind for some big, big pussy cats. Actually, for wiener cats, more specifically. Of the striped variety.

Since the wolf is going to go on a different planet more suited to him, we thought the jungle could use a big enemy type of its own. We played with a few different ideas and finally settled on a big tiger type enemy that is a melee fighter and ambusher.

Here are some concepts I worked on:

There are some lewd ones in this week's companion sneak peek!

Aside from the tiger, we're also working on a few non-lewd traps and enemy ideas to build out the level design palette for this planet.

Oh, and don't forget to wishlist us on Steam! ^w~ https://cookiedraggy.github.io/

Cheers, Cookie

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Are the tigers gonna have barbed penis or humanoid penis like the kobolds? Either is fine btw.

New enemy?
CreasedFive22 is right, at how good the others are, i can't wait for this one to come out!

Stay safe out there, the world is way more dangerous now, be sure to keep distance and be as healthy as possible!


Thank youu!


new enemy type! with how well all the others are I can't wait to see this one, stay safe and drink plenty of water!