Kincaid Build 2020.10 (Patreon-exclusive)

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Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for supporting Kincaid! This build took a LOT out of me. I made a lot of new animations for it including 6 brand new sexy animations and a bunch of player animations.

Gone are the days of the silly "heal roll"! Gone are the days of the awkward mid-air attack. Gone are the days of being unable to hit those pesky mosquitos!

The Glitchcaid Rift has now closed (until it might reappear one day with new weird test levels!). Thank you for everyone who tried out the new abilities! We know have a good idea of which moves feel "Kincaidy" and which ones needed to go.

The first one to go was of course the downward smash. It was just too janky to pull off. The hookshot is also going to get a major overhaul, though not in this build. We kept the dash and you can obtain it now in the real world in a whole new, completely optional area: After you beat the wolf, follow the path all the way to the right to reach the new Sunken Temple area where you can find it!

If you want to see the new sexy animations, talk to the queen, leave and go back to her! You can repeat that a few times to see some fun things! ^w~ After you leave the Tree Palace the villagers might also have relaxed a little bit, now that the spy has been driven out!

I hope you have fun with this new build. Let us know what you think!

Grab the build here:

WARNING: The save game format has changed and old saves will not work anymore. If you want to keep your old saves, do make backups before you start a new game.

Cheers, Cookie & Null



  • 6 new sex animations (for Kobold NPCs)
  • Lots of new player animations
  • Sunken Temple area (accessible shortly after defeating the wolf)
  • New water system
  • Underwater mechanics and hazards


  • Air attack now has a dedicated animation with a hitbox that reaches above Kincaid's head, making it easier to hit flying enemies.
  • Energy system and Glove blaster have been completely redesigned. Energy now works with charges. Healing and shooting require one charge. Blaster does a lot of damage.
  • Glitchcaid Rift has been removed.
  • Dash ability can be found in the Sunken Temple area
  • Metroid-Critter-Crawlies have a more forgiving hitbox


  • Metroid-Critter-Crawlies can't be used to get unlimited energy anymore.

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