Weekly Roundup - Week 38 - Bundle of Fun!

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Hi everyone! It's time for another roundup! Let's see what the dragon and bunny have been up to last week~

The "Pay What You Want" Adult Action Games FREE Demo Bundle!

Our friends at Future Fragments organized a bundle of free lewd platforming games! If you like platformers, definitely check it out! They're all very good! ^w^

You can find the bundle here: https://itch.io/b/597/the-pay-what-you-want-adult-action-games-free-demo-bundle

Naughty Kobold Bundle! ~ Wrapping up the coming build

There's not very much left to do for the upcoming build. A few new Kincaid animations are in the works, once for self-heal and one for the underwater dash. The shooting animation is also going to get a face-lift, but I haven't yet decided if it'll make it into this build or the next one.

I'd prefer to add it to this one since the focus of the whole build is on "Polish", so I'd really like to wrap up a big chunk of work on that before moving focus on new content again. ^w^

All the lewd animations that'll go into the build have been done and posted for the Chief Explorer tier and up ($25), but they'll be available to all patrons very soon with the coming build!

All in all the pack includes 6 animations:

  • 4 animations for the chieftain
  • 1 animation for the Tree of Wisdom guards
  • 1 animation for the florist and his boyfriend

You can find the art pack here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/41858065 

See you next week!

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