Weekly Roundup - Week 37 - Cute Kobold Villagers (GONE SEXUAL!?)

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Hi everyone!

So here's the stuff we've been working on!

New Encounter Ideas!

I brainstormed and sketched some future enemy ideas. Let me know what you think!

I posted the rest of the sketches in the Sneak Peek, since some of them feature nudity.

Lewd Kobolds!

For obvious reasons, to see this stuff, hop over to the Sneak Peek. And the complete set of sketches can be found in the sketch pack!

I'm currently animating the ones we chose to include in the game, so stay tuned for new sexy animations! ^w^

Water Shader

At the moment water is just a simple colored surface. Null has been working on a shader to make the water a bit prettier:

It needs some additional layers and effects like bubbles and splashes to make it come to life, but this is a pretty good base I think! ^w^

Until next week!

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I have been thinking and I honestly want to suggest a moon-based level, with less gravity. You said that this game in the future will have multiple worlds to travel to, so why not the moon!
Actually, let me just say what kind of levels there should be:
-Water levels, where you get bubbles for air...
-The moon, where gravity is less, but you move slower
-Lava world, where lava is everywhere...
-Plantation world, where the red kobold tribe lives (Maybe use this suggestion and the following?)
-The Mountains (Underground) where the blue kobold tribe lives!
-The Lab, which is home-base and allows you to see your Gallery

These are the current ideas for your game. I often GM for games like D&D and Pathfinder, so I can usually give ideas, but not make them into a thing if they involve coding or things... sure I can do world design but I've just started that.


Heya! Thank you for your suggestions! Happy to say that a lot of the things you'd like to see are already planned. Water and bubbles for air are already implemented in a test level called "Glitchcaid" and will be used for a water maze world, for instance. ^^

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Thank you so much for reading my suggestions! I want to even give out a few maps that I can draw so I can help, but of course that's your call. Thank you for listening to me and I'll get back to you ASAP! >w<

Cheers! ^^


Pheromones for attacks maybe? also, any chance of exotic kinks being a thing?


We wanted to do flower pollen, but unfortunately that kind of stuff is banned by Patreon. -_-~*


whaaaattt? Patreons so backwards sometimes 


Yep they consider it drugs/mood alteration. ^^;


That's so stupid! D:


Super awesome update ideas! I like all the enemy designs! Though my favorites are the Croc and the slender Chameleon. Dodging some magic wielders would be awesome, the Cat design 😁.

Can I throw an idea to you two? Crouched attacks for enemies

Might need two raycast per enemy for detection? One detecting the top of the character. The other detecting either a ducked player and/or a player that is on a slope. Then moving the hit spawn point depending on the raycast detection. 

It would depend on how they attack of course.


I don't want to make basic enemies *too* smart or give them too many attack patterns. Tougher enemies later on definitely might be able to do something like this. ^^