Weekly Roundup - Week 36 - NEW Public Demo Out!

New Public Build is Out!

You can grab it here: https://cookiedraggy.itch.io/kincaid 

Highlights of the new build:

  • Threesome animation has been made available to everyone!
  • A gallery has been added where you can look at unlocked scenes!
  • Mini-Map has been added (TAB on the keyboard or SELECT/BACK on your controller)!
  • Explore the newly added Kobold Village and meet the cute kobold villagers!

Be sure to read the cover letter at the start of the game for a more detailled list of changes and additions as well as what to expect in the future! ^_^

 Changes to the Legendary Explorer Tier

The main benefit of this tier used to be private streams where I work on new ideas together with the patrons. It worked great in the past and was a ton of fun, but lately it was near impossible to find good times where people can join and participate and even then, most patrons at this tier would be left out.

That's why I have made the final decision to change how the tier works.

The spirit of the tier has always been "behind the scenes", kind of like a studio visit experience, where you get to hang out with us while we work on concepts and designs and weigh in on ideas in real-time.

I want to keep the purpose of the tier the same, but change the format. Instead of doing it as a stream, I will create a new Discord channel specifically for this tier where we share our thought process and what kind of decisions we are making. Basically what we used to do while in voice chat during the streams! I will also just post the results on Patreon, so you can look at it and comment!

During this week's stream I was working on new enemy designs. Unfortunately, nobody could participate so I'll post the results today in a separate post.

This doesn't mean that everybody else will never get to see this. When things get more fleshed out, I will post them for everyone to see like I always have. ^w^

Art Progress

This week I continued working on new animations for Kincaid. Here's a list of what has been done and what I still need to do:

  • Pushing - DONE
  • Swimming - DONE
  • Swimming Idle - DONE
  • Swimming Dash - Sketched out
  • Dash - Sketched out
  • Self-Heal - Sketched out
  • Shooting up/down - Sketched out
  • Wire Shot - Sketched Out
  • Ground Smash - Sketched Out
  • Charged Melee - Sketchd Out
  • Boot Grind - Sketched Out
  • Pipe Grab - Sketched Out
  • Mid-Air Melee Attack - Not started

As you can see, I sketched out most of the animations. For most of them I have to wait for Null to put them in the game to see if they feel right in the raw state before I invest the time to refine them further. So that's "on hold" until we have them in the game! 

In the mean time I started concepting new enemy ideas as well as sketched out sex animations for more of the Kobold villagers. Check out this week's Sneak Peek to see some of the sex scene ideas!


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is there no longer a mac version? I dont seem to be getting the updates or anything

I can't wait the steam full version of the game OwO

You are making art

From Argentina, Good Luck with this project <3

Thank you! And greetings to Argentina from Germany! ^-^