Weekly Roundup - Week 34 - Wrapping up animations & Next build

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Hi everyone!

Last week I finished two of the new 4 of the new animations for Kincaid:

Swimming up, down and idle


Next up I'll do an underwater dash, self-heal, walking into a door, air dash and shooting up&down.

I also did some sketches for new Kincaid illustrations. Lately I've been so focused on making pixel art and I need to shift the gears for a bit so I don't get too rusty. I feel guilty for making art that will not make it directly into the game, but I feel like it's important that I dedicate some time to drawing Kincaid and other characters, too, lest I lose touch with the concepting and design side of things.

Null has finished porting the game over to the new GameMaker version and blasted through most of the bugs you guys found! We also changed the wording on the quest to make it more clear where to find *that person*.  ^w~

The Upcoming Build

Aside from some new sexy content the upcoming build focuses mainly on polishing what we made in the previous build. I want to make proper animations for all the abilities, touch up the UI a bit to include energy and currency and Null is working on a shader to make the water look nicer.

Cookie & Null

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Always great to see these updates. Keep up the good work!