Kincaid Build 2020.08 Released!

You can grab it here:



  • Flight Instructor sex scene (including a mini-quest)
  • Sounds for the wolf (combat + sex act)
  • Sounds for the kobold threesome
  • A bunch of new abilities including heal, swimming, dash and grapple shot
  • More NPCs and the existing ones have been fleshed out
  • Moss huts have been decorated
  • Ice shot (not accessible in-game right now)
  • Energy system (replenish enemy using melee combat)
  • Currency system (not used in-game right now)
  • Rocks that are breakable using charged melee attacks
  • The ability to look up/down (by holding the respective buttons)
  • "Glichcaid" gauntlet (accessible from the Treetop Palace after talking to the kobold queen)


  • The way invincibility works has been changed. Certain animations now have specific i-Frames, instead of the whole animation (ie. roll) giving you invincibility.
  • Dodge roll cannot be spammed anymore and has 2 charges.
  • The way insta-death work has been changed. You now loose one health and get reset to a soft save spot.
  • Most enemies don't respawn until you have been a bit further away. Some enemies come back instantly (like mosquitos).
  • Blaster can now be used in all 4 directions.
  • Blaster now uses energy and does damage.
  • The game cannot be paused anymore when a cutscene plays.
  • Damage blinking looks nicer.
  • Mosquitos don't follow you endlessly anymore, but return to their post after Kincaid gained sufficient distance to where they spawned.
  • Kincaid now properly faces NPCs when talking to them.


  • Messed up wolf hitboxes have been fixed.
  • A bug where losing would allow you to continue playing anyway.
  • A bug where sometimes the music would double up.
  • Melee attacking through room transitions doesn't trigger loading the next level.
  • Kobold would skip taking care of Kinny's pants in the sex act on game over.
  • Climbing down a ladder kills you.
  • Drowning would cause the game to crash.
  • Two save spots were missing from the minimap.
  • The Mason Death Fall.
  • A bug where Kincaid would jump after closing the last dialogue box.
  • Firetrap sounds don't stack anymore (caused loudness).

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when i saw this i thought hey cool  new update for free but i was wrong. This is a amazing game and i cant wait for this update to go public

New public update isn't too far out either!

Deleted 89 days ago

Thank youuu!!

Current build is 69MB lol


so when will this be out on itch? my comp doesn't allow me to download


Still working on the HTML5 build, so it will be a bit until all the bugs are fixed!


kk, thank you!