Weekly Roundup - Week 30 - Home Stretch!

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Art Packs

Hi everyone! ^w^

Short and sweet roundup today!

Last week I finished the animation for the flight instructor scene! If you want early access to it, you can grab the art pack here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/39763448 

Otherwise you can enjoy it in the upcoming build that we will release soon!

Most of the work for the new build has been done and we are putting the finishing touches on both the official build and also the experimental build that Null dubbed "Glitchcaid". Glitchcaid is a collection of crazy levels where you can play around with some of the new abilities that we made!


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hey, any idea on how much the game would cost when it's all ready?

Not yet, sorry. : )

Deleted post

Glithcaid it's new AU?   :P