Weekly Roundup - Week 28 - Next Animation Started!

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Hi everyone! ^w^

Another week flew by, so let's check out what went on in our art cave!

Moss Huts

As I waited for the poll to wrap up, I put finishing touches on a lot of the decorations for inside the huts. I'm really happy with how everything looks together! I still need to do a few NPC specific decorations but that should about wrap up my work for the interior. It was a lot of fun to do, but I'm really itching to do lewd art again!

Flight Instructor Scene

Here are some keyframe gestures Null and I made on sticky notes to figure out the dynamics.

I hope this is not too lewd for Patreon uwu

Sketching the gestures for the key frames out on paper helps a lot with figuring out the most important moments in the animation.

For the current state of the actual animation, head over to this week's Sneak Peek!

New Gameplay Systems & Abilities

Null here! I've been plowing away at new features and doing a lot of experimentation. I don't have animations yet for most of the things coming to Kincaid, but I thought I'd give you some first impressions on how things are looking!

None of these animations are final! Cookie is busy doing background art and sex animations, so I just shamelessly repurposed what I had for now. Dodge roll for everything! xD

Respawn Manager

I made a little respawn manager that makes it so enemies don't immediately respawn when you leave a room and come back. They will come back if you go away a bit further and then come back. Smaller "trash mob" enemies like mosquitos will always respawn.

New Sound Effects

The upcoming build is going to have a bunch of new sound effects, so the wolf act and threesome act are going to be fully voiced finally! A lot of them are already in while a few need some additional adjustments or revisions.

Until next week! :D

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Sorry, the flight instructor scene is too lewd, but this update is very nice


Too lewd? What do you mean? It's a porn game! xD

its not lewd enough uwu. keep up the great work!