Weekly Roundup - Week 22 - Finally, A Gallery Mode

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Hi everyone! Another busy and productive week has come and go, so let's review all that happened!

New Music!

Our audio guys are back at it and we received three new songs that will be added to the game in the next update! 

  • Kobold Village Theme
  • Boss Theme
  • “Dark Jungle” Theme for a later area (used now within the Kobold Mines)

With audio production back in action, you can look forward to sound effects for the wolf next! It probably won’t make it into the next build, but most definitely the one after. 

Meet Cute Villagers!

Bubble Tea Shopkeep

He sells really delicious refreshments! Nobody knows how he gets his drinks to taste so good... he is surely using some secret ingredient! Can you find out what it is?~

Chef Bold

He loves food, he loves cooking he loves running a busy kitchen! And he is always looking for new interesting recipes!

Stone Mason

A stone mason with a creative streak. Recently he has been working on a super secret project...

Flying Instructor

Fascinated with the wide open skies from a young age, this kobold invented his own flying device and is now teaching students the art of flying. He thinks kobolds should soar through the sky! Could there be a dragon ancestry hiding under these lofty dreams... ?


This guy is not quite ready yet.. But one day he will turn into a fine pilot for sure!

Some other villagers we can't show here yet include the village chieftain and her #1 strong warrior, a shaman, a cute couple running a pottery shop, guards and a bunch of regular townfolks who are eager to chat with you!

You might have noticed the lack of female kobolds in this preview. That's because most of the sketches of female kobolds I have so far are still pretty naked. If you want to see them, head over to the Sneak Peek where I can safely show them! ^w~


Gallery Mode

We implemented a gallery mode, one of our top requested features! Sorry it took us so long! ^w^;;;

But with the coming update you will be able to enjoy all unlocked animations and CG sequences. Scenes unlock upon getting grabbed. That means you can watch the scene from the main menu without having to go through it in-game if you want to focus on just playing the game.

There will be a few exceptions to the rule. For example the threesome with the kobolds only unlocks once encountered “in the wild”. The reason for that is that some scenes should stay a secret and figuring out how to unlock them is part of the fun!


Cutescene System

A cute game needs cutescenes! Null has been working on a cutscene system that will be used for story events, narration and dialogues with NPCs!

He wrote a little bit about how it works, again with source code, in the Sneak Peek!


Also we are adding some visual effects to the kobold village and some other areas, like godrays, falling leaves, particle systems~

Thank you for reading! Until next week!

Cookie & Null

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I have a question! I've recently discovered your game (Literally today) Played a good chunk of the demo, and am wondering, does the Patreon $5 version have more content than the free public demo? Or does it just happen to get updated first?


Right now the main differences are a few more features like a minimap and a gallery as well as a village with some NPCs. If you want a lot more content first, I'd wait a few months. I don't update the public demo as often as the Patreon version. ^^ Thank you for playing, though! Glad you like the game.

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I've played the latest version of your game (Kincaid Public 2020-05.zip) and there is no Gallery option to be found. I'm confused.

No need to be confused. It is not in there. ^^ It is coming in the next update.

^o^   I LOVE IT! 

Awesome!! :D