Weekly Roundup - Week 21 - Bridges & NPCs!

Hi everyone! ^w^

Since we have quite a following on itch.io (thank you so much!) I decided to post things to this devlog, too! Most of the content is taken from our "Weekly Roundup" newsletter we are running over on Patreon.

Village & NPC Progress

Last week I started working on NPCs for the village! My first step was to get a bit of diversity for the body types going.

The next step was to make the faces of the bolds more expressive! The current faces worked for enemies, but NPCs need to be more expressive. I struggled with the old approach, so I went back to the drawing board and designed new kobold heads from scratch!

Here's some of the stuff I've come up with so far:

A wider cast of characters being worked on can be found in this week's Sneak Peek!

Village Hanging Bridges

Meanwhile Null is implementing the village into the game. I made the background art, and he is going to add a bunch of effects to it to really make it come to life. Things like glowy particles, falling leaves and godrays poking through the tree tops.

Another nice little touch is a hanging bridge that connects the different platforms across the trees the village is built on:

If you're interested in how it was implemented, you can find the approach including source code in the Sneak Peek! ^w^

Until next week!

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amazing pixel arts. and really good idea giving 1 race more then 1 look.


Esto es genial <3

Sigue así y lograras uno de los mejores juegos de plataforma indie que existen, saludos desde Argentina <3

Greetings from Germany!! And thank you for the kind words ^-^


Amazing keep up the good work. Hope both you and null are doing well.

Thank you!! >///<