Public Demo updated!

Hi everyone!

The public demo of Kincaid has now been updated! You can explore a much bigger world and meet&greet the cute slime enemy! There is also a bunch of new mechanics, like double jump and wall cling that help you explore more of the world. ^w^

You can also save your game now and continue where you left off(even works in the browser! ^-^)!

Get The Adventures of Kincaid (18+)


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Hey cookie when is the wolf build going to come

When I do the next bigger release for the patrons! The public demo will always lag behind one "lewd update"! I don't have a date estimate tho.

thank you cookie, I just saw this game and had to download and play it. Love Kincaid, you made her so perfectly. I can't get enough of her.

Awesome update! 

A bug with the reset button. After "dieing" you can reset before the escape menu. With this reset, you will instantly die after each hit. If an enemy is nearby, it can revive you. Just letting you know :)


Good catch!! Thank you! :D