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While I'm playing the in browser demo I go to press escape and sometimes accidentally press the key under escape that has ` and ~ on it and then the game freezes until I reload the page (also sometimes happens when I just press escape). I don't know if this was on purpose or not so I'm just gonna point it out and see what happens


Other than that it's a really fun game, and I've enjoyed playing it alot! It's my favorite lewd and sexy metroidvania game I've played!

Thanks for the bug report! It plays better as the desktop version. ^^

Seems like I get lost in the game a lot. Always trying to call back to what was there, what can I interact with now and what is required to progress.

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Hey does the patreon build have a way to play the game with flash? I'm on mac so...

Not flash but HTML5 yes! Just send us a message on Discord or Patreon and we will send you the secret itch link!

Thank you! :)

ik the public demo won't  be up dated but i really need to see something new its a fun game but it i like the wow feeling when you see something differen

Hey! You can see the new stuff being worked on on my Twitter and Picarto (I record my live streaming sessions ^^)!

Right now I am animating the poll winner for the kobold threesome!

Hey, I know you said it wouldn't be out for awhile but could you tell me an approximate date that the public demo will be updated

hey how do you use the grapplers? also great game keep it up.

Thanks! You use the grapplers by just jumping into the metal grates you can see in some areas! Enjoy~

it doesnt seem to be working is it an item aqiured in the dungeon if so then how do you collect it 

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Would it be out of line to request that the game include at least some female enemies? If so, I might be on a tangent diverging from your target audience.

To make that a little clearer: yiffy metroidvania with maybe some girl-on-girl? Yes please! Yiffy metroidvania with only straight ever forever? Sorry, not quite for me, thanks.

Not out of line, and planned! <3

Awesome ^,,^

sir um theirs a glitch with the platforms i cant crouch through them

Where in the game? : )

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sorry I got confused with the controls it’s down plus A right

Yep! I will introduce proper control tutorials in-game in a future update. Sorry about that!

is lizard an slime the only monsters in the gam

with lewd scenes yes, the lizard and slime are the only monsters in the game with lewd scenes out for the public... Monsters overall, not so much there is the armadillo beetle thing, and a wasp to add

wolf build won't be out for the public, for awhile

Quick question! I can't seem to get the blaster to work? I peaked at a play through of I think (?) the current build, and it seemed essential to progress.

I'd love some advice! Also, your game is AMAZING!! You've both done an amazing job, I've played for at least 3 hours straight ^^'

Thank you so much!!

You can shoot the blaster with Q! It is in the description, but I should put it also into the game. Sorry about that!

It's okay, no worries! I should have been more specific- I have tried the Q and B key, and for some reason nothing happens. Is it possible I misplaced a file or something when downloading the game? I have encountered the same issue in both the browser and downloaded version :(

Just wanted to check and see if there was something on my end that went wrong. I'm using firefox as my browser if that makes any difference? So sorry for the trouble, and thank you for your help!

The Blaster is an item you find in the dungeon, you don't have it to start with.

OOH that makes so much more sense, THANK YOU!

I'll try my best to find it then.

Please map movement controls to the Dpad please and thank you.

Also maybe make the controller work on the introduction screen because it seems weirdly unresponsive there and gives the wrong impression that it won't work elsewhere.

Love the game!
But i do have a question.
When is the next update coming?

It came out yesterday for patrons! ^^ New public release is a while out.

i did mean on a new public, since i cannot... uh, do the thing on patron...
the public was released 78 days ago.

The public version will be updated when there is new lewd content for the patrons! ^w^

oh, alright, thanks for the info ^^"
(love the game and your art btw! <3 )


Hey! I just remembered that I attempted to speedrun the first public version of this game, and I think I got a good result.

It's a little sloppy, but I was happy with it when I managed to succeed.
Maybe I'll run the newest build at some point, but I hope you enjoyed!

Awesome!! :D

very good, looking for updates


i had gotten stuck in one room where i couldn't go down through the platform


me too

its the down and A on keyboard

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when will the wolf build be out for the public?

also idk why I ask but eh whats the 2 people in the animated gif thing ik the white dragon is cookie but whose the music person

That's my husband nullbunny! He works on the game with me, he does all the coding. ^^


ah so gay or your the wife niceeeee also you got hentai with senpai


Hi! I know that you are working hard on making this game, and I love how it is coming out so far. I just have a suggestion for a game detail that I think would add to the experience just a small bit. I am in no way a game designer or programmer, so you can take this with a grain of salt (if that is the right expression). The detail that I think would be a nice addition to the game is Kincaid's outfit(s) getting more damaged as her health goes down, possibly getting completely destroyed at very low health. I do realize that this would require a lot more work, as it would require much re-animating and designing (not to mention the fact that new outfits will be available in the future), so as I said, take it with a grain of salt. Otherwise, this is a great game already, not even paying attention to all of the amazing potential it has. I hope you have a great time working on this, and look forwards to the next update!


Thank you for the kind words! ^-^ I wrote down your idea for consideration! But I can't promise it will get implemented as we have to keep an eye on the scope with such a small team~

exited for the next update

This build wont let me double jump or wall grab

Even if you collect the power ups for it?

I downloaded the latest version, there were no power ups even after restarting a few times. Sorry for the late respons

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Found a bug where it's possible to get stuck in this corner. Alternates rapidly between standing and falling frames.

Oh also, firing pistol gives invincibility frames. Not sure if it's intentional but it seems a bit goofy when a slingshot round goes right through your back and continues through. :P

Dying to a moth/bat/whatever that is leads to a black screen with no text after hitting esc (expected flavor text or "Oops! I should be more careful!")

Great concept and I can't wait to see it fleshed out into a full game!

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I can't tell you how many times I've played this I keep up... well try to keep up with every update, love the game and can't wait for the finished product!!

oh and I haven't 100% gotten to the boss fight zone yet so I haven't completed the whole thing... where are the wolves or have I not gotten to them, or are they just a patreon thing

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oh and here's a kinky request, you should give the "giant purple wasps I think they are" I think you should give them a little lusty scene to, they are actually kind of hard to get around and can be annoying sometimes, so make it not quite as bad by adding a scene ;)

something I thought of and I have no idea if you already are working on it or not but have a multi enemy animation for when she's "caught" that would add more reason to explore with new enemies 

Here you go! ^-^

I love this game and the art style, I would also love to see whats in future for this game. Great Work!


approved by a beginner speedrunner :like:

Thank you for playing! ^w^

I don't get it, how do I get past the fireballs? I'm stuck in the area where you get the double jump because there's just a wall of fireballs that fly towards you. The controls show nothing about a shield or anything, I've tried attacking to see if that deflects them to no avail, I've tried ducking which does nothing, I'm incredibly confused.

I gave up and started trying different keys on the keyboard. Apparently "t" stuns you and refills your health (throughout the entire area it kept starting me on only 2 hits left) and I used that to run through the fireballs, tanking them all.

Apparently I'm stupid. Dodge gives you iframes.

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*Spoliers-ish ahead*

A very good experience:

Solid 8.5 - 9/ 10

Before getting into the good I'd like to get the bad out of the way. I very much enjoyed playing this build of the game, but I did run into a few game-breaking bugs along the way. Most of them occuring right after the room when where you obtain the double-jump boots with the falling pillar blocks, in which I had to exit and re-open the game in order to play through it.
But with that out of the way, on to the good.
The music and sounds in this game are very well done,and I applaud whoever made them, and I hope to see and especially hear more work from them in the future. I do however wish that some portions could be voice acted, or that there was more reaction dialogue avaliable; such like whenever you pick up a power-up Kincaid could say something in relation to the area where she'd need to go next (like after getting the double-jump boots, I had no idea where I was headed for a bit, so a slight bit of nudging in the right direction would make for a smoother experience with less backtracking).
The art and visuals during the actual gameplay portions are very nicely done and build a world that looks like it's full of mystery and treasures untold. The "cinematic" (I never know what to call them) portions of the game whenever you are fully defeated by the slime and lizard enemies are very nicely drawn and have some very clear effort put into them whcih is nice to see coming from a game like this.
The combat was very straightforward and easy to get around, although the stun timer after getting hit is a bit too long, as you can barely get to about 75% of it done before the enemy already has you grappled in the button-mash struggle(I don't know if this was made to be this way on purpose or not but still). As for the enemies (and some slight critiques I have on them): 
  1. The Lizards are very easy to avoid but have a very quick draw time on their slingshot attack but the projectile itself is very slow and poses no real threat at far ranges, so maybe a boost in projectile speed would increase the challenge a bit. 
  2. The slimes move slowly but have a quick jumping attack, but the attack seems a bit too low as I can't just duck underneath it(which obviously doesn't really matter with the dodge roll, but making the attack go a bit higher wouldn't hurt in my opinion). 
  3. The little centipede and bat-like creatures are either minor annoyances or utterly infuriating so I would suggest adding a larger presence of the bats, and a slightly smaller presence of the centipedes as to balance out the two and to keep one or the other from becoming too easy and giving no challenge.
All-in-all, this game is very enjoyable even if it only provides a very quick experience, and I hope to see more of it. The bugs and the issues with some platforming sections gave me a bit of grief but that didn't mess with my experience all too much so I'll say 8.5 - 9/10

**Also please be aware that this is all my opinion and I am in no way making the attempt to insult anyones creative ability/ game design techniques. I am merely giving my own creative input, and I do apologize if anyone takes this in a bad way**

Than you for listening to my ramblings; much love,
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P.S. I didn't know wether or not to call the "Lizard People" Kobolds, but I assume thats what they are

Sweet update... and quite the naughty teaser at the end. Bring on the boss, Kincaid can take it down. :) 

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how does one get to the new area with the new enemy?

edit: also saw something about double jumping and other stuff, but I cant seem to do any of it....oh nevermind damn after exploring everything really goes full loop lol props on the level design

welp I am stupid I didnt realize the slime was new lol

How to play this game with controller? And can I change my key bind in the future? It's clumsy and hard to use. And what direction is this game heading? A game focus NSFW? Or a furry platformer? If it is a platformer focus game, can we reduce the time stunt by an enemy for better gameplay?

Controller support is for some reason broken in this build. It is a bug we are working on. ^^

And it is both... nsfw and a furry platformer.. not one or the other. ^^

It feels more focus on platformer at the late stage of the game. Maybe add more NSFW scene and less punishment when player enters NSFW progress?

Less punishment? There is no actual punishment for watching the NSFW stuff. ^^

Yeah there isn't. But as as a platformer game, getting hit meaning lose health, people wants to see NSFW stuff but can't risk to get hit since it will reduce your health and makes it harder for later gameplay.


Later there will be a gallery mode so you can rewatch scenes! :3


You've all made so many improvements since I last played, controls are a whole lot more fluent and you even included new abilities and such!


Oh my gosh ^///^ Thank you so much <3

New enemy complet??

Yes, it is on patreon! ^-^

Will this be available on android st some point?

No promises yet, but it is something I am looking into. ^-^

for some reason i can not download it. when i can download it delete its self does anyone know how to fix this 


my gameplay of it

Thanks for playing again! :D

NP i will try to keep up with the game ^_^ as it get maked.

Is there html 5 version to download so I can add it to my website?

Try to use this.

<iframe mozallowfullscreen="true" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; geolocation; microphone; camera; midi" src="//" msallowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true" id="game_drop" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Lookin good, I would like to point out that design and animation is dangerously similar to another hentai platform action developer :3


I really love this alot, cant wait until it is done, when is the next update?

Thank you for your kind words! New updates are available to patrons already! I will update the public demo when the next enemy is done, so in a couple of weeks at the earliest. ^^


Tonight we dive into the furry metroidvania Kincaid! Gotta love me some furry lewd sexploration

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