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my gameplay of it

Thanks for playing again! :D

NP i will try to keep up with the game ^_^ as it get maked.

Is there html 5 version to download so I can add it to my website?

Try to use this.

<iframe mozallowfullscreen="true" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; geolocation; microphone; camera; midi" src="//" msallowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true" id="game_drop" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Lookin good, I would like to point out that design and animation is dangerously similar to another hentai platform action developer :3


I really love this alot, cant wait until it is done, when is the next update?

Thank you for your kind words! New updates are available to patrons already! I will update the public demo when the next enemy is done, so in a couple of weeks at the earliest. ^^


Tonight we dive into the furry metroidvania Kincaid! Gotta love me some furry lewd sexploration

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Pressing escape is buggy. Holding down escape advances physics without checking collision. You can skip many gates with this method, and also wall jump. Pressing escape during certain sections will crash, such as the third screen and the large temple water area.  Auto jump works if A and no other buttons are held, but does not work when you start moving.

Sorry to sound so negative though, I like breaking games! Great job otherwise!

Glad you had fun and thank you for the thorough bug report! ^-^

How to get the latest version of the game? how to buy it?
tier 2 patron: "Pet Kincaid's head!"

I just released a brand new version for patrons if you are still interested in checking it out! ^w^

10/10 would play in church again

Amen. <3

this is a fucking amazing platformer and just as good a nsfw game

Thank you for your kind words <3

no problem dude this needs to be seen by more people its one of the best indie platforms ive played 

when will the update? or need to buy a game?

im trying to play the game but when it loads it moves extremely slow and its almost impossible to do anything

In both the browser and the download version?


Amazing content :D hope to see more updates


Thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you like what we have so far! A new version is out for patrons and I'm wrapping up another update for coming month! It will probably be a hot minute before the public demo gets an update. ^w^

how to install game ? 

i extract file and i got pak. file and i had no ideal what to open with it 


There should be a .exe in the archive too!

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I really enjoy that game, but I don't have money to help the developer. Is there any option to help author without using money (cause I don't have any job, yet.)? Also, it reminds me starbound mod called sexbound, that mod  is less awesome, but seems similar, maybe that will help a bit.

Hope to see more of your works, at least demos of them!

Sorry for my English, I know it is bad.

Also, can you please turn off auto jumping when A button pressed, cause when you push A for longer time your jump height will be increased, so I have to push A button for the whole time in air.

I'm glad you like my game! I'm not sure what you mean by auto-jumping

It's weird, it only happens in Newgrounds game version. She will jump so far I hold the [A] button, until I move or stop holding [A].

Oh then that's a bug! Thanks for reporting!

This is a gorgeous game, the sex scenes (that I found) were hot, the level design is excellent, and the controls are a pleasure.

The only thing I was left wanting (aside from "moar pls") was the ability to take advantage of downed enemies the same way they can if they beat me. I don't know if that's something you want to do, thematically.


Yes that is pretty much the reason they remain around after being defeated! ;D Thank you for playing and the kind words!

Looking good, Kincaid needs a little tail-slap move cause that's a fabulous tail. :)


Thank you so much for playing! Bunny and I had a lot of fun watching this!